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    Wellcome to Tronico - the world of metal construction kits!

    Please look above for the different categories like Micro, Mini, Junior and Profi-Series.

    Tronico are the only manufacturer of metal construction sets with licenses worldwide.

    With there different metal kits children playfully get an insight into the world of technology. The professional models are to show the diversity of modeling. The RC models, wind turbines, solar models and multi-play boxes with up to 20 models there is always varied.

    The kits of Junior Series and Professional Series can be variably combined and supplemented.

    These kits are compatible with eitech© metal construction sets.

    The Micro series is the smallest metal construction in the world.

    This are the bore diameters of our Metal Construction Kits:

    Micro Series - 5 mm - 2.00 mm bore diameter (smallest metal kit in the world)

    Mini Series - 9 mm - 3.10 mm bore diameter

    Junior Series - 10 mm - 4.15 mm bore diameter

    Profi Series - 10 mm - 4.15 mm bore diameter

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